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POKEMON TCG: Kanto Power Collection Box - Mewtwo


POKEMON TCG: Kanto Power Collection Box - Mewtwo

Relive the excitement of exploring the Kanto region with this Pokémon Trading Card Game collection.

The Pokemon TCG: Kanto Power Collection features 1 of 2 powerful pairs of Pokemon-EX: either Mewtwo-EX and Slowbro-EX, or Dragonite-EX and Pidgeot-EX. You'll also get an awesome oversize card of either Mewtwo-EX or Dragonite-EX that will look great on display. And the Kanto region fun doesn't end there. This collection includes 10 Pokemon TCG: XY—Evolutions booster packs. This expansion restores the very first Pokémon cards to glory, so you'll have plenty more Kanto region Pokemon to call your own.

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