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Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Special Battle Set Charizard VSTAR vs Rayquaza VMAX Starter Set ( PRE ORDER )

Released on November 2022, 2 of the fiercest Pokemon collide in this greatest of great starter sets.
A shortcut to becoming a great trainer is having a great deck, and this fully fledged starter kit contains 2 FULL ready to play decks.
1x Charizard VSTAR  deck (60 card pre-built deck)
1x Rayquaza VMAX deck (60 card pre-built deck)
Charizard deck includes 2x Charizard V and 2x Charizard VStar
Rayquaza deck includes 2x Rayquaza V and 2x Rayquaza VMax
Charizard Deck Case / Coin / Vstar Marker
Rayquaza Deck Case  / Coin / Vstar Marker

Damage markers 
Play mat
2x Player guides and spare card box.
Great for beginners and Pokemon masters who wish to play with a friend or at a league with a pre-build tournament legal deck and just have fun

Box size is 24x 20x 8cm

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