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Artist Series 12 Pocket Binder - Oni Deathmask by Beau Ingleton

Crafted to be that perfect display piece binder for your favorite cards or set.

The Oni Deathmask is designed by tattoo artist Beau Ingleton of Melbourne, Victoria with materials hand selected to give an aged wooden texture. Gold steel zipper to match, with a customised scroll zipper head – we really pulled out all the stops on this one. Premium just got more premium.

We've even designed a box that's just too good to dispose of. And to double down on that, it's also got a second function; simply remove the foam inlay to reveal the dividers and convert your slick shiny packaging into a card storage box! Two products for the price of one (it beats a plain white cardboard storage box every day of the week).
  • Artist-Designed gold debossed design (Oni Deathmask)
  • 480 card capacity 
  • Gold steel zipper teeth
  • Unique gold steel scroll zipper head
  • Woodgrain textured PU leather
  • Convertable storage box
  • Tailored 'washed-out' grey felt binder pouch
  • Archival Safe - PVC and Acid free pockets
Please note there is a known minor translational discrepancy on the rear print. The binder is meant to read オニデス, but there is an extra "ー" that was mistankenly included.

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