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2024 Hit Parade Gaming Legends Series 1 Hobby Box

4-6 WeeK Turn around! 
Every Box contains one (1) graded Pokemon TCG card from all over the game's history, featuring only Legendary and Mythical Pokemon!
Only 100 hand numbered boxes produced!
2024 Hit Parade Gaming Legends - Hobby Box - Series 1 is headlined by:
* Ancient Origins Lugia EX #94 PSA 10
* Fossil 1st Edition Moltres PSA 9
* Silver Tempest Lugia V #186 PSA 9
This product is loaded with tons of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon from all over the history of the franchise, including the TCG and Carddass!
Every card in Hit Parade is graded by only the most credible companies in the collectibles industry. Every card in this run is graded by CGC, BGS or PSA!
Look for these critters in this Hit Parade product:
* Arceus
* Articuno
* Celebi
* Darkrai
* Galarian Zapdos
* Genesect
* Giratina
* Groudon
* Heatran
* Ice Rider Calyrex
* Jirachi
* Kyogre
* Latios
* Lugia
* Mew
* Mewtwo
* Miraidon
* Moltres
* Palkia
* Raikou
* Rayquaza
* Regidrago
* Suicune
* Urshifu
* Urshifu
* Zapdos
* Zekrom
* Zeraora
About Hit Parade
Hit Parade is the 3x winner of the Industry Summit's Repack Brand of the Year in 2020, 2021 & 2022! They have a team of 30+ full time employees that buy, build and manufacture real sealed Sports Card, Memorabilia, Comic, Sneaker, Toy & Entertainment products that are loaded with valuable and unique hits in every series. With only 50 or 100 boxes per series, Hit Parade gives you the best chance to get monster hits! 

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